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Rent – Sale – Use

Services rendered by TFM also include leasehold of containers. It is cost-effective decision for one-time carriage because at the destination an empty container is transferred to our agent but not return to departure point. In addition leasing our Company’s container is cheaper than container operator’s one.

We transport containers in the following directions:

  • By railway within Russia;
  • Export/import to/from Asian-Oceanian countries;
  • Throughout Far East (Chukotka, Kamchatka, Kurils, Magadan, Sakhalin).

TFM Company renders forwarding of containers by two methods:

  1. «Door-station destination» — delivery container to be loaded by motor vehicles, cargo receiption, railway shipment at the destination station.
  2. «Door-to-door» — cargo reception at a consignor’s warehouse and delivery to a consignee at address provided by a contract.

Other services rendered by TFM Group include:

  • lease of container for storage or other purpose;
  • containerized cargo carriage by motor vehicle within Far East;
  • use of containers at the territory of the Company’s terminal guarded at Vladivostok city center.

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