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Service of Container Terminal

Cost of lifting crane operation

Cost of assortment

Empty container 20('DC, 'HC)/40('HC)

Empty container 20('DC, 'HC)/40('HC)

Empty container 20('DC, 'HC)/40('HC)

Empty container 20('DC, 'HC)/40('HC)

700 /900

1000 /1300



To implement a full complex of services by the organization of transportation and for the convenience of our Customers, we offer services of container yard located at the address:
city of Vladivostok, 5, Cape Kungasny.

Storage of loaded / empty containers (30 ft) is carried out on a specially prepared protected area, equipped with modern hoisting machines.

Flexible pricing policy, accessible roads, the mode of operation, strict control accepted for storage containers enable to provide Customers with a high level of service. 


For our Customers there is a SPECIAL OFFER - the first 5 days of STORAGE of containers (loaded and empty)– is FREE!

*All rates include 18% VAT.

Working hours: The terminal operates from 8.00 to 17.00, lunch break: from 12.00 to 13.00. The client must submit an application for receiving or issuing the container by 15.00 by e-mail avto@tfm.su, or notify by phone (904) 629-99-46. In this case, the Custodian, in agreement with the Client, can extend the terminal's operating time up to 20 hours. In case of failure to submit an application by 15.00, the Custodian reserves the right not to accept the containers after 17.00 / Closed - Saturday, Sunday & official holidays.

There is a special offer for Freight Forwarders and Cargo Owners - the FEMRI development & approval of the scheme for placing and securing cargo in a container. The professional crew of loaders will place and fix the cargo in strict accordance with the scheme, and you can send it from any port of Vladivostok with the service of any of the sea lines!


Tel: +7 (423) 249-51-51 (ext. 306)

E-mail: ktk@tfm.su, tfm@tfm.su